Friday, 20 April 2018

GERMAN STAFF CAR: Citroen Traction Avant 11CV

This is a well made 28mm model  I purchased from Neucraft models a while back and just got around to painting it, to add to my German support List.
I painted  it as a German staff car but if need be it can be utilized by  the Allies as a captured vehicle, just got to paint up a British flag to throw over the bonnet. .
(this model is now available at   Rubicon models . )

The car is a resin model which is superbly detailed and finished.

Cheers John

Tuesday, 17 April 2018


In preparation  for my first campaign game in a few weeks (Operation Martlet) I finally finished painting this Troop of Sherman tanks complete with a Sherman Firefly, for those of you who can recall I actually put these models together back in 2015 link.
I also took the opportunity to put together a painting tutorial. 
As I do all my painting with a brush I tried to mimic the effects that one would achieve with a air brush.

Italeri 28mm Sherman with a bit of conversion work.

Coated with Black spray primer.

Applied 2 x coats of base colour paint.
This is a mix of Vallejo model colour Olive Grey and Russian Uniform 50:50 mix placed in a empty Vallejo paint bottle. 

Once dried, coat the whole surface with thin coat of Agrax Earthshade.

An alternative to coating the whole surface is to pin wash around all the hatches and edges as shown in the image above right.

Using  Vallejo Model colour Calvary Brown mixed with some Citadel Lahmian Medium, pin wash as per previous image above as a guide.

 Use a old brush with short bristles to apply the base coat mix .
Apply paint on the brush then wipe on a paper tower to remove some of the paint .
In a very light circular motion start applying the paint in the middle of the panel and work out towards the edges as desired.

I recommend practicing this Technic on the underside of the tank .
You should be aiming for the edges of  paint work to fade into and blend with the already applied base coat that has been washed with the Agrax Earthshade..

Like this leaving a darker shade intact.

Once dry, repeat the process with the addition of Iraqui Sand 1:2 ratio with the base coat but use a smaller brush.

This time  stopping short of your previous circular applied base coat.
If desired, mix Iraqui sand 1:1 ratio with base coat and repeat the step but make the circle smaller.

Use Vallejo Model colur Black Grey to paint all the little bits on the tank eg: boxes, tarps, tools, cables, helmets and of course the tracks.

Apply a wash of Vallejo Model colour Earth onto the tracks, wheels and lower edges of the vehicle. 
Once dry  build up the Earth colour with the use of  thin brush applying  thicker as desired.

Mix up a mix of the base coat and Iraqui sand and highlight the wheels  and wheel mounting.
Use Citadel leadbelcher to highlight metal tips on the track.
Apply a few tiny wear spots on the tank using Vallejo Black Grey with a fine tipped brush.
 Minimize these wear areas as the Shermans where shot up pretty quickly but the Allies had  an abundance   supply of new tanks behind the front line,  ready to be re-crewed by the tankers who lose their tanks.

Apply any transfers , I painted the triangle marking on the turret  with flat red.
Apply vertical random streaks marks using Citadel Tharaka Green wash.

Tool handles are painted with Beige Brown.
Highlighted with a mix of Beige Brown and skin base.

Firefly ready for action.

Hope to be posting a tutorial on painting Late war German tanks soon.

cheers John 

Friday, 6 April 2018

Scratched built sdkfz 222 Armoured Car

Scratched built a sdkfz 222 German armoured car in preparation for a upcoming scenario I will be playing soon. 


I used off cut of MDF from my building projects ,glued them together to make a block, then cut the different angles using a saw and file to construct the body of the vehicle. 
 Next step is to coat each surface of the MDF with Evergreen Styrene secured in place with super glue.

When set use a hobby knife to trim off the excess, flush with the MDF.

 More detail added with the styrene, this images shows glue applied to the bottom just before the bottom piece of the stryrene is added.

 More detail is added using brass metal for the exhaust pipe and odd infantry sprues for other bits.

Here the main body of the vehicle is complete and I have shaped the turret in MDF.
A Opal truck can be seen in the background, that is still a ongoing project .

 The turret base is sealed onto a piece of styrene and the process of covering the whole turret has started.
Before encasing the top of the turret with styrene I first used a fine saw to cut the top surface to mimic the mesh. 
 2 plastic German heads where added, along with the spare wheel sculptured with Green stuff putty.
The MG was straight from the plastic pack of German infantry and the 20mm gun is a metal wire that was tapered down and shaped with a file.
Spare wheels  found in my odds and ends bin added.
A metal wire bar added to the create a bumper bar.
Plastic infantry sprues were cut and shaped using a hobby knife and file and added to the front of the vehicle..

One big mistake I made was calculating the size of the turret which is too big but I am hoping not too many people notice on the gaming table.

Holes where drilled into the base of the vehicle and on the underside of the turret.
Miscalculated the position of the turret , which was corrected with the addition of another hole.

Completed work. 
Painted the vehicle with Vallejo Model colour German Grey, had to lighten the colour a bit as it was too dark.

next project 
Currently working on a sdkz 234 Puma which is also needed for the upcoming game.

cheers John