Tuesday, 30 May 2017


A farm setting on the gaming table isn't complete without a pig pen, hence my DIY pen.
Dimensions 15 cm x 12 cm.
I decided that the a pen needed to suit both the French Indian War period and World War Two.

The pigs are from Pegusus 1/48 Farm Animals.
I undercoated them with Black primer.
Used wet blending technique to paint the pigs.
VMC Green Ochre 914
VMC Black Grey 862
VMC Iraqui Sand 819
Game colour "Carne Marron Tan"
Washed with a Nuln Oil 
Very light highlight with the respective colours.

The low stone walls are made from MDF as is the base and water trough.
The gate and shelter are made from bamboo skewers.
A coat of PVA was brushed onto the floor of the pen and covered with tiny stones.
The fiber material is rubberised horse hair secured in place with PVA glue.

Painting the model.
The complete model was coated with a Black undercoat.
See  low stone walls link for colours used.

The inner ground was dry brushed with VMC Flat Earth and then a light highlight of VMC Iraqui Sand was applied to selected areas.
A bit of VMC flat Earth was applied to the inner area of the walls to simulate mud.

The opaque white area on the ground is trying to simulate small puddles of water. This was achieved by using  Vallejo Gloss Varnish 70.510 mixed in with a tiny amount of off white and dabbed onto the desired area .

The Rubberised Horse hair was dry brushed with VMC Dark Sand and highlighted with VMC Iraqui Sand.

The wooden items:
Base coat of VMC Chocolate Brown  
Washed with Nuln Oil 
Dry brushed with VMC Beige Brown
Final light dry brush with VMC Middlestone 

 Flock applied  and ready for your Pigs.

 Pig Pen with 28mm Colonial settler for French Indian war period

Pig Pen with 28 mm Late War British Infantry for WW 2.


  1. Nice work John, will be copying this for sure , need to find source on the pigs, very good brush work on them as well. Cheers aka Barnaby Jones

    1. Thanks Barnaby Jones,good to hear I could be some help by sharing.
      I purchase my farm animals from a guy in Melbourne on ebay.
      cheers John

  2. Superb John! A very atmospheric piece of scenery.

    1. Thanks Matt for your comments.
      cheers John

  3. I'm going to be copying your idea here. Far better than the ready-casted options I've searched online.
    Really nice work sir.

    1. Good to hear Dai, It would be good to see your results.
      cheers John.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Moiterei for your comment.
      cheers John

  5. It looks great John i am going to make one too for my Normandy farm. Do they do piggies in 1/72 scale??

  6. Thanks colonelmustardblog for your comment and yes Pegasus does also make them in 1/72.
    cheers John

  7. Amazing! Those pigs looks fantastic! Great job.

    1. Thanks Left Handed Panzerfaust for your comments
      cheers John